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May 14

Prettiness around the world

All of these are pictures from my recent travels around Europe, enjoy!

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco (courtesy of google image)

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan Jewelry

Moroccan Leather and Jewelry (photos originally found here)

Camel riding

Camel riding through the Moroccan desert (organized by these guys)

Beautiful Moroccan architecture

Beauty and a Bike

Traditional Moroccan patterns and architecture (images found here)

May 15
Pretty Lovely… Destination: Morocco

Sunset in Istanbul (image from

The Aegean Sea (from

A spread from the premier issue of Vogue Turkey (from

Fashion in Istanbul (photos courtesy of Garance Doré)

May 20
Pretty Lovely… Destination: Turkey
Jun 1

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I just got started and it’s amazing (amazingly addictive also… fair warning)

Jun 6
New Obsession…

Sorry for the lack of posting recently! I have been preparing to come back to Boston for school and was therefore out actually doing things, seeing people, and packing up my life (I know, shocking!) instead of being the tumblr nerd I am at heart! But I am back in the great city of Beantown now and life is goooood :)

I flew back on the morning of the fourth (still reeling from the M5 cancellation. I teared up listening to Hands All Over on the planeride) and got into the city before noon. Amazingly, I found the nicest cabbie in the world, a true rarity in Boston, who took me to my new apartment and into the arms of my lovely roommate who waited for me to go down to the Charles for some America celebratin’! I’m finally living in an actual apartment, not dorm, so senior year is feeling my most adult-like to date. Alright, so the apartment is University-owned and still furnished with those ugly dorm wooden instruments of torture they call beds/desks/couches. I still feel more grown-up not having a proctor at least. Don’t judge me. 

My favorite thing about being back in the city is of course the beautiful weather we’ve been having and being able to walk everywhere! A little stroll is way cheaper/healthier/all around lovelier than jumping in the car for a 2 minute drive and I love running over to pick up groceries (a light bag or twoor even walking to class on these gorgeous days. Of course our apartment, I believe it would be described as “charming” in real estate speak, doesn’t include air-conditioning but after a few weeks of sweltering STL summer heat, this is nothing. 

Since NU obviously has no common sense or regard for the social lives of its students, classes of course began right away on the 5th. My life is basically in shambles as my belongings are randomly distributed along the East Coast with my amazing friends who so lovingly offer to house my stuff while I’m off galavanting around the world (I love you girls!!). Right now, I’m living with the basics and starting classes with no internet cable, pens, or even paper was a real swell idea. Thank goodness, I have collected the aforementioned items (as well as bedding and towels, woo-hoo!) and can at least function like a mildly-normal human being for now. Luckily, I have few to no complaints on either of my classes, except for the fact that one takes place in a refrigerator of a classroom and I walk out just before hitting hypothermic levels. Because really, when it’s 85 degrees outside and every student is wearing shorts and tee-shirts, it’s a good idea to set the thermostat at arctic temperatures. Totally logical. So stay tuned to see if I actually make it through this summer semester or disappear mysteriously (hint: please come look for me and bring an ice pick. I’ll be frozen to my seat while learning about the Mongolian invasion of Russia, pen in hand and perplexed complexion perfectly preserved). But in all seriousness, classes don’t seem to be too bad and I already like both of my professors so this is a good easing in to an academic mentality after perfecting my laziness at home the past couple months! 

Right now, I am not taking full advantage of being back in one of my favorite spots in the world because in my defense, I had a tres stressful 3-day week back and its raining out. Boo. So I’m instead still pathetically lounging in my PJs and catching up on some much needed blog-trolling. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer (and my roommate won’t be working!) so we can frolic around the city and I can get back into the swing of having an actual life! Woot woot.


The neighborhoods of Boston. A very cool print found here with several other city/state illustrations!

Jul 8
Back to Boston

It’s been forever since I’ve featured a PL destination and then this amazement snuck right up on me!

I need to visit this place, it’s going on the Buried Life List for sure (I miss that show… is it on anymore? MTV probably took it off the air since it wasn’t about teenage pregnancy or overly-tanned idiots or other atrocities of the sort. but no judgement here. back on track). 

This is Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, the largest salt flat on earth and referred to as the “world’s largest mirror.” During the rainy season, it becomes extremely reflective and literally mirrors back everything in sight.

It’s simply beautiful and I need to go… click the little plus sign at the bottom to see the pictures bigger (it’s worth it, I pinky promise!)

(Source: did-you-kno, via girltravel)

Jul 20
Pretty Lovely… Destination: Bolivia
You don’t even have to pray, but send good vibes, thoughts, and worries for the people of London please. I spent three months there and it’s so sad to know that the city is being destroyed by its own people.
Aug 9

You don’t even have to pray, but send good vibes, thoughts, and worries for the people of London please. I spent three months there and it’s so sad to know that the city is being destroyed by its own people.

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I can’t stay in one place for too long.

Literally, my inner conflict between staying in the US in a city I love with all my friends and having the intense desire to travel and live and experience new things will forever be my most difficult struggle. School is super stressful right now and the only thing keeping me sane (alright, lies because this is adding to my stress haha) is that maybe in six months I’ll be abroad again working and doing something amazing. Or I can be sensible and try to find a job in the city that I’ll actually be able to work in when I graduate.

Ahhh, to be young, naive, and idealistic. I’ll never give it up! 

Aug 10