Pretty Lovely Things

May 14

Prettiness around the world

All of these are pictures from my recent travels around Europe, enjoy!

May 14

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what could be lovelier than the lovely, newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen? stunning.
May 14

what could be lovelier than the lovely, newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen? stunning.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco (courtesy of google image)

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan Jewelry

Moroccan Leather and Jewelry (photos originally found here)

Camel riding

Camel riding through the Moroccan desert (organized by these guys)

Beautiful Moroccan architecture

Beauty and a Bike

Traditional Moroccan patterns and architecture (images found here)

May 15
Pretty Lovely… Destination: Morocco
May 18

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So I’ve been assaulted with “fragrance” signs for the last two days. Is this cosmic forshadowing? Is the world demanding that I actually maybe pick up a cute little bottle and start the spritzing?

I’ve never particularly been a fragrance girl, unless it was a school dance or date night or … well that’s pretty much it. I don’t think that I have any sort of offensive au-natural smell and most perfumes either conjure up thoughts of the musky, moth-ball scent my grandma purposefully used (lovely woman, not such a lovely smell) or Chanel No. 5 (pretty and lovely in every way, but not for me). The only scent I have ever considered my signature (HA) is Vera Wang’s Princess, which was given to me on my 16th birthday by 3 good and attentive friends who noticed all my not-so-subtle hints. Unfortunately, that was 5 years ago, it was used sparingly (naturally, as the above-mentioned occasions probably totaled a whopping 6 times a year) and I just had to throw the bottle away… half unused and no longer even remotely familiar. I’ve read that perfumes go bad, but figured that’s just the beauty industry’s way of making us all a.) throw out perfumes after 6 months and b.) run to Sephora to spend copious amounts of money to replace the perfectly fine fragrance we just threw out. But apparently, my cynicism jumped the gun and they weren’t kidding. It smelled more like rubbing alcohol with a slight touch of a punch-in-the-face, then the sweet water lily lavender liquid I had adored so much. I’ll be more trusting next time.

Well, after watching the SATC episode where the girls go fragrance shopping (the one where Carrie hooks up with the Russian and Charlotte tries being blind for the day? rack your brains) three times in the last two days, it’s gotten me considering if maybe I should go on my own Sephora excursion. Then, I snuck a copy of Glamour into the grocery cart and through the check-out line before the Mom even noticed yesterday (stealth skills) and low-and-behold found a fragrance which may be made especially for me. Simple, barely noticeable, yet fine quality and overpriced. I have a strange attraction to pretty much anything with that description, but rarely follow-through on actually purchasing anything of that description thanks to the last characteristic. 

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, the scent you’ve all been DYING to know that I may or may not actually buy: 


CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt in eau de parfum 

It’s supposedly “as crisp, cool, and comfortable as a freshly laundered tee” and who doesn’t want to exude that exact smell, or furthermore that exact feeling? No, I do not want to smell in any way “musky” or “intense.” I am neither a deer nor a skydiving instructor and therefore not interested. I am a young college girl and want to smell like the enhanced but still normal version of myself. Or possibly like me after being tossed into a dryer for 20 minutes, we shall see. 

May 19
Okay, world, I’ve noticed.
May 20
May 20